Community Outreach

In 2019, DC PLIDS families raised almost $10,000 to provide Washington Hospital Center with a Caring Cradle and Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring with a CuddleCot.  Remaining funds were donated to the Community of Hope Maternity Center  to help battle the maternal and infant health crisis in DC.  

When a baby is born still or dies shortly after birth, families only have one opportunity to spend time with them - to see, touch, bathe, hold, take pictures, or make memories as they say goodbye. Many families find this bonding time crucial to their healing process. Sadly, without the means to preserve the infant's body, this time is often limited. These cooling devices allow families to spend more time with their baby in their hospital room. You can read more in this New York Times article  on the value cooling devices provide to grieving families.  

Thank you also to Bank of America for waiving the foreign transaction fee for the CuddleCot.


Caring Cradle for Washington Hospital Center


CuddleCot for Holy Cross